The Little Prince (Cards)

Hello! After reading the story named “The Little Prince” it gave me an idea (sir benny lol) to make these cards. Click the link below to view it!

Link: The Little Prince


The Lottery (Animation)

After reading the story I was sh00k because I thought that the lottery is actually about winning some cash but it’s not. At first I thought it was nonsense because what’s the connection of the rock to the lottery? Then the 2nd time, It was clear to me that the story is not an ordinary story. But all in all the story is great.

Click the link below to view my own adaptation (Animation) of  Shirley Jackson’s “Lottery”. Enjoy!



This is a primer for the video I’ve watched BBC: Story of Science-What is out there?



Reflection: After watching the video I was shocked on how items are invented from two or more materials like the telescope which gave the towns people early warnings on enemy attack. The telescope was just made by a piece of lenses and a cylinder.  I also like how the narrator interacts with the people and inventions. The narrator also found some of Galileo Galilei’s old work. I also like how the present astronomers get innovated by the idea of the past.

She’s Dating the Gangsta

It all started when Athena Dizon received a random message from a guy named Sushiboy, asking her to meet up on the usual place. She played along then when summer ended Athena then knew that the random guy that was bugging her was no other than Kenji. One of the hearthrob of Southwell. As to pay for what Athena had done she unwillingly pretends to be Kenji’s girlfriend to make his ex jealous. They fell in love for real and Kenji’s ex had a sickness so he had to be with her.

Having to see the author in person, it was a great experience for me because I noticed how she’s also nervous talking to a lot of people and made me comfortable. She’s also humble on saying that her book is not really that popular “yet”.

The changes made in the movie worked because they only picked out the important stuff and made the book shorter and so it is an advantage.

The novel was good but it could be a lot better when it have less chapters because the story for me as a whole is a bit boring. I only liked chapters 1 – 15 because that’s the only chapters i read.

Don’t Quit

Life is difficult, but that does not mean that you have to quit. Life is mystery where you cannot predict what will happen next. Success has no shortcuts and failure is the stepping stone to success. When you feel down and want to quit, and you feel that your progress is slow, just think about how you will achieve your goal. But never should you think that you will quit because you’re slow. Slow is better than not trying or quitting, because if you don’t try you will regret it for the rest of your life.